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Books & DVDs
that will help you with Training & Understanding your Dog.

  • Cesar Millan - The Dog Whisperer

  • Who's the Boss? - Author: Val Bonney
  • DVD Basic Obedience Training - Author Val Bonney

  • The Dogs Mind - Author Bruce Fogle

  • Working Dogs - Training For Sheep and Cattle - Author Colin Seis

  • The Dog Man - by Martin McKenna


    Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer

    Cesar's Books & DVD's
    Help give you everyday guide to understanding and correcting common dog problems

    Use Cesar's Way to Transform Your Dog...and Your Life

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    The Dogs Mind

    How do dogs perceive the world around them?
    How do they learn?
    How do they relate to their owners?
    Why do they suffer from stress and anxiety and how can these be treated?
    Incorporating recent research, this book is aimed at serious dog owners and those professionally involved with dogs.

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    Who's the Boss? - Author: Val Bonney

    Why should I read this book?
    I want my dog to live with me without creating problems.
    I want my children & dog to play together safely
    I want my dog to fit in with my family
    I want the greatest understanding & companionship from my pet.
    I want to know more about pack structure & how important it is in the raising of a puppy.
    I want to bond with my dog & have a loyal companion for many years
    I want to understand more about the dog, which will help me with better obedience control.
    I want to know what is necessary in order to be a resposible pet owner.

    It has been said of this book that in its very simplicity lies its strength. By reading and working through this book, there will be less problems to owning, and living with your dog. Its the book every owner should have.

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    DVD - Basic Obedience Training - Author: Val Bonney


    This DVD explains & shows how to teach your Dog Basic Obedience over 17 chapters.
    It also covers 16 Golden Rules of Training.

    The Book "Who's the Boss", together with this D.V.D. is a complete Education Package for any dog owner. One gives the reasons why the dogs do things, the other provides the Tool to start the process of Basic Training. You can't afford to be without either one.

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    Working Dogs - Training For Sheep and Cattle - Author: Colin Seis

    This book deals with selecting & Training dogs to work with sheep & cattle. The Kelpie, Cattle Dog & Border Collie are described, with their history & attributes for different kinds of work.

    The book is illustrated with many explanatory photographs & drawings & covers the following subjects with detail knowledge and compassion: History of working dogs Standards for a good dog Selecting, training and bacic obedience for a pup Introduction to stock Working with sheep & cattle Bahavioural problem & caring for you dog

    This book is written with profound knowledge & long expericence in training working dogs.

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    the dog man - Martin McKenna

    Martin McKenna grew up on the streets of Limerick in Ireland - living with a pack of stray dogs. From those beginnings he has done many and varied things, in Ireland and Australia, but it can be truly said the he learned about dogs at first hand. Even now many years later, he sometimes feels that he is dore dog than human.

    McKenna's THe Dogman opens our eyes to the dog world. In it he describes the machanice of the pack, what makes a leader, and how a leader survives and is obeyed. He talks about small dogs, large dogs, energetic dogs & lazy dogs. He talks about quick learners and those who need more attention, and he decodes dog language. Quite simply McKenna shows us how to think like a dog. And, armed with his perspective and commonsence guidance, methods to teach and lead our dogs into the right habits literally tumble in.

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