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Airedale Terrier Breed Fact Sheet

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Dogs Name: Rex

Airedale Terrier Breed Information

Group 2: Terriers

Energy Level: medium - high

Original Function: Large game Terrier

Temperament: Outgoing and confident, friendly, courageous and intelligent. Alert at all times, not aggressive but fearless.

Characteristics: Keen of expression, quick of movement, on the tip-toe of expectation at any movement. Character denoted and shown by expression of eyes, and by carriage of ears and erect tail.

Recommended for: Active people & families.

Lifespan: 14+ yrs

Height: Dogs: approx. 58-61 cms (23-24 ins) from top of shoulder

Height: Bitches approx. 56-59 cms (22-23 ins) from top of shoulder

Colour: Body-saddle black or grizzle as is top of the neck and top surface of tail. All other parts tan. Ears often a darker tan, and shading may occur round neck and side of skull. A few white hairs between forelegs acceptable.

Coat: Hard, dense and wiry, not so long as to appear ragged. Lying straight and close, covering body and legs; outer coat hard, wiry and stiff, undercoat shorter and softer. Hardest coats are crinkling or just slightly waved; curly or soft coat highly undesirable.

General Appearance: Largest of the terriers, a muscular, active, fairly cobby dog, without suspicion of legginess or undue length of body.



Originally known as Waterside Terriers, the Airedale, largest of the terriers, was developed in Yorkshire to hunt otters, badgers and wolves becoming very popular in the Aire Valley. It has since been used extensively in police and military work.

The Airedale is a friendly, adaptable and courageous dog showing all the terrier characteristics. They need firm handling as they are naturally dominant and can be stubborn, but normally they love to please and are obedient. They are not very aggressive towards other dogs but will stand their ground if challenged.
They are fun-loving dogs and good with people. They make excellent family dogs, particularly good with children and always ready to join in their games. They are devoted companions, ready for a walk or a ride in the car at any time. They are protective towards their families and homes and make good guard dogs. They are naturally lively.

Grooming- They should have a daily brush and comb to keep him looking smart. Regular grooming will also lessen the occurrence of skin irritations. The coat is shed twice yearly and professional stripping is advised at this time. As part of the daily routine his feet should be checked for lumps of mud or matted hair and his ears, eyes and teeth checked. It may be necessary to occasionally trim hair from in and around the ears and teeth will benefit from regular cleaning.

Exercise- An active dog who needs a reasonable amount of exercise daily, preferably with some time spent playing games which require him to use his considerable intelligence. He is a swift agile swimmer and generally enjoys this form of exercise.

Health- A hardy breed, but some may suffer from Hip Dysplasia, eye problems and skin problems. For Diet and other general dog health information Health/Nutrition


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