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Australian Bulldog Breed Fact Sheet

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Australian Bulldog Breed Information

Group: Non Sporting

Energy Level: low to moderate except when excited

Temperament: Loyal, fierce in appearance, but extremely outgoing and affectionate in nature. Very stable and predictable. Enjoys activity, however a lot off exercise is not necessary for health and mental stability. The breed craves human attention. Some may not tolerate aggressive overtures by other dogs.

Recommended for: most people

Be AwareThis dog is currently not a recognised breed with the Australian governing body (ANKC). So when purchasing a pup try to by from breeders who are registered with other governing org's, such as the Australian Bulldog Society.

Lifespan: approx. 12 years


Height: Dogs 43 - 52.5cm (17-21 ins)
Bitches 43-50cm (17-20 ins)

Weight:Dogs 28-38 kg
Bitches 24-30 kg

Colour: Any colour acceptable

Coat: Smooth , short, tight to body

General Appearance: The Australian Bulldog is a healthy animal, distinctly "bulldog" in type yet free off anatomical exaggeration.
Broad muzzled and short faced but the nose should be long enough for unhindered breathing. Loose folds of skin across nose but in no way excessively wrinkled.
Eyes any colour acceptable, Rose or button ears preferred, undershot jaw but not to excess.
The back should be short and straight giving compact carriage but not to short to interfere with activity and agility.
The tail is straight (long or short) crank, pump handled tails are accepted. Screw tails are acceptable but tight screw undesirable.



In the early 1990s the" Australian Bulldog" started with the idea of creating a more functional bulldog suited to Australian conditions as well as an aim to recreate the "old style bulldog" similar to other overseas breeding programs.
The founders of the breed are Pip Nobes (Nobes lines) and Noel and Tina Green(Jag lines).
Breeds that were introduced to the breeding program were mainly British Bulldog, Boxer, English Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff and later Joe Cauchi added American Bulldog into some lines .
The first breeding record book was kept by Pip Nobes in 1997 incorporating both Nobes and Jag(Greens)lines, this later was split into two registers. The Australian Bulldog Society Inc register is an unbroken continuation of the original register.
In 1998 the Australian Bulldog featured on a popular lifestyle show introducing the breed to the public.
The Australian Bulldog Society Inc ( started by a group of enthusiasts who felt that a properly constituted, non for profit organisation, incorporating all lines off the Australian Bulldog was needed to promote this wonderful new breed and also lobbying the ANKC for recognition of the breed in future years in full accordance with ANKC regulations.

Grooming- The short coat is easy to groom with a firm bristle brush.Bath when necessary, wipe wrinkles on face over with a face washer when needed.

Exercise- The Australian Bulldog enjoys a good walk but doesn't need to be exercised everyday as long as they spend time with their "family", they enjoy playing fetch or playing under the sprinkler.

Health- Overall a breed with far fewer health problems than its British forefathers. For Diet and other general dog health information Health/Nutrition



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