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Australian Silky Terrier Breed Fact Sheet

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Australian Silky Terrier Breed Information

Group 2: Toys

Energy Level: medium - high

Temperament: Intelligent, Lively

Characteristics: Should display Terrier characteristics, embodying keen alertness, activity and soundness.

Recommended for: most people

Be Aware These dogs can be avid hunters.

Lifespan: About 16 yrs


Height: Dogs - 23 to 26 cms (9 to 10 ins) at the withers.
Bitches can be slightly less

Colour: Rich Blue or Grey-Blue. Tan on the muzzle, ears & legs. 18 months or less usually darker.

Coat: Must be flat, fine and glossy and of a silky texture. The length of coat must not be so long as to impede the dog's action and should allows daylight to be seen under the dog. The front and rear feet to be free from long hair.

General Appearance: The dog is compact, moderately low set, of medium length with a refined structure but of sufficient substance to suggest the ability to hunt and kill domestic rodents. The parted, straight silky hair presents a well-groomed appearance.



Many different theories have been given over the years regarding the origin of the Australian Silky Terrier. The true origin is clouded because little, if any true records exist from the late 19th century when the Silky first appeared. (Full History Details)

They are amenable little toy dogs; they have the liveliness and the hardiness characters of the Terrier. They are highly intelligent, which means they are able to learn things quickly and thrive on the praise for being able to please you.

Grooming- to keep their coat long, regular brushing is a must, but being only a small dog not that time consuming. They may be clipped to make it more manageable if required. They are a relatively odourless; so only need bathing when necessary.

Exercise- they are a very adaptable little dog and will a just to whatever exercise you are able to give them.

Health- This breed is generally tough and hardy but some can have problems with suffering dislocating kneecaps and hip problems. Sometimes skin problems may occur.
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Marilyn Warren
Hoppers Crossing 3029
Ph:03- 9748 6753

Helen Arkley
Cooranbong NSW 2265
Ph: 02 49771302 Fax: 02 49 773082



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