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Australian Terrier Breed Fact Sheet

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Australian Terrier Breed Information

Group 2: Terriers

Energy Level: medium - high

Original Function: ratter, herder, companion and watchdog

Temperament: Bold, Good-natured, friendly

Characteristics: Essentially a working terrier, but its loyalty & even disposition make it equally suitable as a companion dog.

Recommended for: Most people

Be Aware These dogs can be avid hunters.

Lifespan: 10 - 12 yrs


Height: Dogs approx. 25 cms (approx. 10 ins.) at the withers Bitches slightly less

Weight: Dogs approx. 6.5 kg (approx. 14 lbs); Bitches slightly less.

Colour: Blue, steel blue or dark grey blue, with rich tan (not sandy) on face, ears, under body, lower legs and feet and around the vent

Coat: The body coat consists of a harsh straight dense top coat approximately 6 centimetres (approximately 2 ins. ) long with short soft textured undercoat. The muzzle, lower legs and feet to be free from long hair.

General Appearance: Sturdy low-set dog with alert eyes, erect ears, well muscled & angulated hindquaters & high set erect tail. Rugged appearance.



Developed over the past 150 years in Australia as a working terrier, the lively little Australian Terrier is a mix of breeds crossed such a the British Terrier, Cain Terrier, Yorkshire and Norwich Terriers.
Early free settlers in Australia needed a small, hardy, alert dog, keen enough to hunt and kill its own food, for killing vermin, such as snakes, rats and rabbits, and to act as a guard dog
These days we have them more as a much-loved family pet. They are smart and keen, making them easy to train and they are always eager to please. They also like to be around children. They are even tempered, very agile and good company for young and old, they love human companionship. They are small & tough, they are equally at home on a farm or in a suburban backyard and can make a good house dog. They don't normally bark only when there is a need.

Grooming- their shaggy coat is easy to maintain, simply brush several times a week. Give a bath when necessary, at least once a month. Be sure to clip their nails regularly.

Exercise- a very adaptable little dog and happy to enjoy whatever exercise you can give them.

Health- Tough and hardy little dogs, but some may suffer from dislocating kneecaps, deterioration of the hip joints and skin problems. For Diet and other general dog health information Health/Nutrition



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