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Finnish Lapphund Breed Fact Sheet

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Finnish Lapphund Breed Information

Group 5: Working Dogs

Energy Level: Moderate - High

Original Function: reindeer herding

Temperament: Keen, courageous, calm and willing to learn. Friendly and Faithful.

Characteristics: a sociable dog who wants to work for and please the handler at all times.

Recommended for: Most people/families.

Be Aware: Not many in Australia

Lifespan: 10 - 14 years.


Height: Dogs between 46 - 52cms
weight: around 20 - 21kgs;

Height: Bitches between 41 - 47cms
weight: around 19 - 20kgs.

Colour: All colours are permitted. The basic colour must be dominant. Colours other than the basic colour can occur on head, neck, chest, underside of the body, on legs and tail.

Coat: Profuse, the males especially have an abundant mane. The outer coat is long, straight and harsh. On the head and on the front of the legs, the coat is shorter. There must be a soft and dense undercoat.

General Appearance: Medium sized body. Eyes & nose dark. Ears erect. Tail bushy & curls over onto the back.



The Finnish Lapphund was developed in Finland, originally a herder and watchdog used in work for keeping reindeer. The breeds name was changed to Lapphund in 1967. In the 1970's the type and picture of the breed became fixed and the standard had been specified several times. The breed name was again changed into Finnish Lapphund in 1993. The breed type has become stable in a short time and today the breed is very popular mainly as a house and hobby dog in the whole of Finland.
The calm, friendly and faithful nature of this breed makes then very suitable as household companions. This is a sociable dog who wants to work for and please the handler at all times. They get on well with both children and other household pets. They are extremely intelligent and easy to train, they are one of the most suitable of breeds to train for dog sports such as flyball and agility.

Grooming- Coat is relatively self maintaining and does not hold dirt, but can collect leaves and twigs. Regular brushing is needed and more care when they shed. Bath when needed.

Exercise- They should be given ample amount of exercise daily with the opportunity for running off the lead. As long as they are given plenty exercise, they will adapt to either rural or city living.

Health- For Diet and other general dog health information Health/Nutrition


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