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German Spitz - Mittel & Klein Breed Fact Sheet

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German Spitz - Mittel & Klein Breed Information

Group 7: Non Sporting

Energy Level: Moderate

Original Function: guardian, drover

Temperament: intelligent, active, alert, happy, equable disposition, showing confidence

Characteristics: The German Spitz is intelligent, active and alert. Its buoyancy, independence and devotion to the family are the breed characteristics.

Recommended for:
families with older children, adults. People with the time to manage the grooming.

Lifespan: 10 - 12 yrs


Height: Klein: 23-29cms (9-11.5 ins)

Height: Mittel: 30 - 38cms (12 - 15 ins)

Colour: All colour varieties and markings acceptable. Butterfly pigment not permitted with any colour.

Coat: Double coat - soft woolly undercoat and a long harsh textured perfectly straight top coat covering the whole of the body. Very abundant around neck and forequarters with a frill of profuse off-standing straight hair extending over the shoulders. Forelimbs well feathered tapering from elbows to pasterns. Hindlimbs feathered to hocks. Ears covered with soft short hair. Hair on the face smooth and short. Tail profusely covered with long spreading hair. This is not a trimmed breed and evidence of trimming and shaping, other than tidying of the feet, anal area and legs below the hocks, unacceptable.

General Appearance: Small sized compact body. Fox like head with medium size, oval shaped, dark eyes and small, triangular erect ears. Tail, high set, curled right up from root, lying curled over back.



The German Spitz descends from ancient spitzes that existed during the Stone Age, and as such is a relative of the larger Keeshond, and the smaller Pomeranian, and dates way back to North Germany and Denmark. Originally used as a drover, they have been kept mainly as companions for the last few centuries. They come in the two sizes, the Klein (German word for small) and the Mittel (German word for middle) They don't tend to do well in kennels or on their own, they are a companion dog and like to be around people. They bond to the family unit and become a very loyal family member.
They are very alert and they will let you know if anyone has come to your place. They love to play and are quite active.

Grooming- The thick coat requires a thorough brushing for at least 15 minutes each week. Twice a year the coat sheds and daily brushing will remove most of the dead hair.

Exercise- they do enjoy a walk, a good play and run around, not a breed which demands a lot of exercise.

Health- For Diet and other general dog health information Health/Nutrition


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