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Maremma Sheepdog Breed Fact Sheet

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Maremma Sheepdog Breed Information

Group 5: Working Dogs

Energy Level: Moderate

Original Function: guardian

Temperament: Intelligent, Lively, Affectionate.

Characteristics: It is a shepherd dog used mainly for the protection of flocks and guarding property. His principal function as a guard and defence dog of flocks and property in general, shows itself in the manner in which he accomplishes these tasks, with perception, courage and decision. Although proud and not inclined to submission, he is also devoted to his master and all his entourage.

Recommended for: Working homes. Experienced handlers/families.

Be Aware: If left to long alone with the sheep without interaction with humans, the bond with people will be broken.

Lifespan: 9-12 years


Height: 60 - 74cm (23" - 29")

Colour: White, shades of ivory or fawn

Coat: Outercoat thick and harsh, undercoat thick.

General Appearance: Large sized strong body. Almond shaped dark eyes. Ears V Shaped which flop forward. Tail long and fluffy. Pigmentation of nose lips should be black.



The Maremma's origins are from Italy where they were developed for the principal function of doing pastoral work. They were used to guard the flocks of sheep from all predators such as wolves. They are a tough dog and are able to with stand all weather types. They are very loyal and make wonderful pets; they fit into family life well. They are intelligent and courageous but not aggressive. It also may be somewhat independent and so is not the easiest dog to train.

Grooming- periodic brushing to remove the dead hairs, bath when needed.

Exercise- they are from the working dog family so they are very active and need to be given regular walks and off lead running.

Health- For Diet and other general dog health information Health/Nutrition


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