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Newfoundland Breed Fact Sheet

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Newfoundland Breed Information

Group 6: Utility

Energy Level: Low - moderate

Original Function: all-purpose water dog and fishing aid, draft

Temperament: Exceptionally gentle and docile nature

Characteristics: A water dog, used for life-saving.

Recommended for: Dedicated handlers & families.

Lifespan: 8 to 10 yrs


Height: 66-71 cm (26"-28")

Coat: Thick undercoat, Flat dense outercoat, oily

Colour: Black, brown or brown with or without some white. Black & white (Landseer)

General Appearance:Extra large strong body. Massive head with dark eyes & ears that hang down. Tail long.



It is believed that the Newfoundland Dog originated in Newfoundland and is a descendant of the Great Pyrenees. Known as both a working dog and water dog, Newfoundlands were commonly found pulling carts or on the deck of a boat. With its webbed feet and strong physique, many a story has been told of men, women and children beings rescued from the seas. Even today one can hear stories about the lifesaving abilities of newfs.
They are best know for their sweet disposition. They are loyal and devoted companions, they make wonderful additions to any family, they are known as "Gentle Giants".
The Newfoundland dog is known for "working" in such events as water rescue, draft, tracking and companion dog.

Breed Info article well worth a read Dont buy a Newfoundland?

Grooming- regular brushing is needed to maintain the coat with extra care when they shed. Dry shampoo or bath when needed.

Exercise- they are a bit on the lazy side, so regular walks and off lead running is needed to keep them fit and healthy, a swim regularly would be great also.

Health- This breed can suffer from hip dysplasia and genetic heart conditions.
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