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Norwegian Elkhound Breed Fact Sheet

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Norwegian Elkhound Breed Information

Group 4: Hounds

Energy Level: Moderate to high

Original Function: hunting elk (moose)

Temperament: Friendly, intelligent and independent without any sign of nervousness

Characteristics: A hardy hunting Spitz with a bold energetic disposition

Recommended for: Active people & families.

Be Aware: The coat insulates them from both the cold & heat.

Lifespan: 10-12 years


Height: Dogs 52 cm (20 & 1/2; ins) at shoulder
Bitches 49 cm (19 & 1/2; ins) at shoulder

Weight: Dogs approx. 23 kg (50 lbs)
Bitches approx. 20 kg (43 lbs)

Colour: Grey of various shades, with black tips to out coat; lighter on chest, stomach, legs, underside of tail, buttocks and in a harness mark; ears and foreface dark; a dark line from eye to ear desirable; undercoat pure pale grey. Any pronounced variation from the grey colour, sooty colour on lower legs, spectacles or white markings undesirable.

Coat: Close, abundant, weather resistant; soft, dense, woolly undercoat and coarse, straight outer coat; short and smooth on head and front of legs, slightly longer on back of front legs, longest on neck, back of thighs and tail; not trimmed.

General Appearance: Medium sized, stocky body. Broad wedge shaped head with dark oval eyes. Ears are erect & pointed. Tail is curled & carried on the back.



This breeds name was changed to Norwegian Elkhound by ANKC several years ago, previously they were refered to as just Elkhound.
The Norwegian Elkhound's origin can be traced back to the Viking times, they are versatile hunters, and the Scandinavian's not only used them for elk but for bears and mountain lions. They track either by airborne or ground scent. They were also used to pull sleds.
They are gentle and devoted to their owners, they can be quite vocal almost talkative. They need firm but not harsh training and make good watchdogs

Grooming- regular brushing is needed for their coat and extra care for when they shed.

Exercise- they are very energetic and require plenty of exercise.

Health- This breed some can suffer from hip dysplasia and eye problems.
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