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Pekingese Breed Fact Sheet

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Pekingese Breed Information

Group 1: Toys

Energy Level: Low to moderate

Original Function: Companion

Temperament: Fearless, loyal, aloof, not timid or aggressive.

Characteristics: Leonine in appearance. Alert and intelligent expression.

Recommended for: Most people/families

Be Aware: Coat does require allot of grooming.

Lifespan: 13-15 years


Weight: Male:3.17- 5kg (7-11lbs)
Female:3.62- 5.44kg (8-12lbs)

Colour: All colours except albino & liver

Coat: Doublecoat - Undercoat, soft & dense. Outercoat, long & harsh

General Appearance: Pear shaped body. Face flat with a wrinkle over the nose, big round dark eyes, long coated ears which hang to the side of the head. Tail coated and carried high & over onto the back.



The Pekingese for centuries was the sacred dog of China, being coveted and treasured for their quaintness and individuality. Lord John Hay introduced them into the Western World in the early 1800's, and one female called "Looty" was presented to Queen Victoria.
They were so protected by the royal palaces it was said that death was the punishment for those who tried to smuggle them into the outside world.
They are devoted companions, they will adapt to their environment and surroundings easily. Even though they have a mind of their own and like to get their own way, they have an independent spirit, which is their most endearing characteristic.
They are very suspicious of strangers even though they are affectionate, noble dogs that are both self-centered and stubborn.

Grooming- Daily brushing is needed, taking extra care around the hindquarter, which can become soiled or matted. Dry shampoo regularly

Exercise- moderate daily exercise is needed to keep them fit and happy.

Health- This breed can suffer from, breathing problems and his eyes are sensitive and prone to corneal ulcers. Many bitches have problems giving birth.
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