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Dogs Name:
his daughter on right of him KYRATELLA TURN ME LOOSE.

Pug Breed Information

Group 1: Toys

Energy Level: Moderate to high

Original Function: companion

Temperament: Even tempered, happy and lively disposition.

Characteristics: Great charm, dignity and intelligence.

Recommended for: Most people/families.

Be Aware: Eyes can be prone to injuries.

Lifespan: 12 - 14 yrs


Height: 33-36cm (13"-14")

Coat: Short & Smooth.

Colour: Black, Silver, Apricot or Fawn with black mask.

General Appearance: Small sized body. Wrinkled head with short muzzle. Dark round & globular shaped eyes. Ears Triangular Shaped & flop down. Tail curls up onto the hip, sometimes in a double curl.
Decidedly square and cobby, it is 'multum in parvo' shown in compactness of form, well knit proportions and hardness of muscle, but never to appear low on legs.



The breed is a small mastiff, thought to be from China, as this is where they came from to the western world. They seem to have always been a housedog or pet rather than breed for a particular task.
They are affectionate and make excellent pets for children and adapt to apartment life well. They are intelligent and easy to train. They are also very playful.

Grooming- the short coat is easy to care for with a brush and a wipe over with a damp cloth. Bath when needed.

Exercise- regular exercise is needed to keep the fit and happy, but don't over do it in the warmer weather.

Health- This breed some can be prone to allergies and chronic breathing problems.
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