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Shiba Inu Breed Fact Sheet

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Shiba Inu Breed Information

Group 6: Utility

Energy Level: Moderate to high

Original Function: hunting and flushing small game

Temperament: The temperament is faithful, with keen senses (sensitive), and high alertness.

Characteristics: Utilisation: Hunting dog for birds and small animals; companion dog.

Recommended for: Knowledgeable of the breed people & families.

Be Aware: Can be escapers therefore a secure yard is essential. In general they aren't reliable off the lead.

Lifespan: 12-15 years


Height: 35.5 - 41.5cm

Colour: Red, Sesame (Red with an overlay of black), Black & Tan

Coat: Double coat consisting of a soft under coat and a coarse guard hair outer coat

General Appearance:They are a compact dog with an attractive fox like expression, brush like tails and hooded ears.



The Shiba Inu is the smallest of the Japanese Spitz-type dogs. They were originally breed to flush birds and small game out from bushwood areas.
They are good natured and quite lively, they are a smart dog but can be sometimes difficult to train due to them being independent and choose sometimes to ignore your commands. So they need firm not harsh training from an early age.
They are also good climbers, so good fences are needed to keep them in.
They do make loving loyal pets though.

Grooming- Their short coat requires minimal attention with occasional brushing and bathing being all that's required except when they moult. At this time- usually twice a year- regular brushing is required.

Exercise- plenty of exercise is needed to keep them happy and fit.

Health- For Diet and other general dog health information Health/Nutrition


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