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Sloughi Breed Fact Sheet

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Sloughi Breed Information

Group 4: Hounds

Energy Level: Moderate - high

Original Function: hunting desert prey

Temperament: Loyal to owner, affectionate with family. Aloof with strangers.

Characteristics: Quiet, of dignified bearing. Noble, haughty and extremely expressive with the instincts of a hunting hound.

Recommended for: Active people & families.

Be Aware: Not many in Australia

Lifespan: 12-14 years


Height: 60-70 cm (23.5"-27.5")

Coat: Hair tough and fine

Colour: Sable or fawn in all shades, with or without a black mask. Also permissible a coat more or less dark, white, brindle, black with tan points; brindle pattern on fawn background on head, feet and sometimes breast. Dark coats with a white patch on chest undesirable. Solid black or white undesirable.

General Appearance: Large frame marked by its muscular leanness. Head wedged shaped with large dark eyes. Ears not too large, triangular in shape, they hand down the side of the head. Tail long & fine, without fringes or long hair. (similar looking to a Greyhound.)



The Sloughi's native countries are Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. It is the hound of the Berber and Bedouin who have always highly treasured the Sloughi's tremendous hunting skills, beauty, loyalty and treated him like family.
In the old days, the Sloughi was used to hunt desert hare, fennec (desert fox), gazelle, large mountain gazelle, hyena, ostrich, and jackal. Today it hunts mainly desert hare, fennec, rarely gazelle, and protects the goat and sheep herds by hunting their predator the jackal.
Like all Sighthounds they are open space hunters, they rely on excellent vision, speed and stamina to catch their prey. They chase on sight anything that moves, however far away. Although the breed hunts mainly by sight, it also relies on scent and sound to do so.
They are aloof and cautious with people they do not know. With its Family they are gentle, affectionate and very loyal. Once it has bonded with someone, they do not always change owners with ease. They like children brought up to respect animals, and harmonize well with other pets, such as cats, other dogs, and parrots, when raised with them.

Grooming- the smooth coat needs minimal care

Exercise- They require regular daily exercise of long walks and off lead running to stay in shape.

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