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Sussex Spaniel Breed Fact Sheet

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Sussex Spaniel Breed Information

Group 3: Gundogs

Energy Level: Moderate

Original Function: small game tracking and flushing

Temperament: Kindly disposition, aggression highly undesirable.

Characteristics: Natural working ability, gives tongue at work in thick cover.

Recommended for: Active people & families.

Be Aware: Not many in Australia

Lifespan: 11 - 14 yrs


Height: 38-41 cms (15"-16")

Colour: Rich golden liver & hair shading to golden at tip; gold predominating. Dark liver or puce undesirable.

Coat: Abundant & flat with no tendency to curl & ample undercoat for weather resistance.

General Appearance: Medium sized strong & level body. Wide head with hazel coloured, fairly large eyes. Ears fairly large, thick & covered with soft, wavy hair. Tail thickly clothed with hair but not feathered.
Strongly built. Active, energetic dog, whose characteristic movement is a decided roll, and unlike that of any other Spaniel.



Originating from Sussex in southern England it is said they are a cross with the Clumber Spaniel and Bloodhound. Origination of the breed is given to Mr. Fuller of Rosehill, Sussex in 1795. The Sussex Spaniel was mainly used to hunt partridge and pheasant. They hunt slowly, but have a fine nose, and very good strength and stamina in the field. It is best at flushing game for hunters on foot, they can also be taught to retrieve.
This breed loves everyone and they are sweet, gentle and devoted. They are very sociable dogs, they usually get along well with cats and are excellent with children. Most get along with other dogs, but some can be aggressive with unfamiliar dogs. They tend to be less playful and demonstrative than other Spaniels, with a low energy level. They are a quick learner but have a mind of their own. It is therefore important to be consistent with them, they need firm and patient training. This breed likes to bark. You may want to teach them when they are young that one bark, for instance when the doorbell rings, is sufficient. Novice owners should be willing and able to assert their dominance. They can be snappish if annoyed.

Grooming- Regular grooming with a brush or comb is required to maintain his beautiful, shiny coat. Keep ears clean, trim pads of feet. Bath when needed.

Exercise- Daily exercise is needed which should include a good walk on leash and the opportunity to play in a yard. They also enjoy swimming and retrieval games.

Health- Do not overfeed this breed, as it tends to gain weight easily. Prone to ear infections; the ears should be cleaned regularly.
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