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White Swiss Shepherd Breed Fact Sheet

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White Swiss Shepherd Breed Information

Group 5: Working Dogs

Energy Level: Moderate - high

Original Function: sheep herding, guarding

Temperament & Characteristics: Lively, without nervousness, attentive and watchful; towards strangers sometimes slightly aloof but never apprehensive or aggressive.

Recommended for: Dedicated handlers/families

Lifespan: 10 - 12 yrs some longer


Height: Height at withers: Dogs 60 - 66 cm. Bitches: 55 - 61 cm.

Weight: Dogs: ca. 30 - 40 kg.
Bitches: ca. 25 - 35 kg.

Colour: White

Coat: Medium length, dense, close-lying double coat or long double coat; abundant undercoat covered with hard, straight protection hair; face, ears and front of legs are covered with shorter hair; at the neck and the back of the legs the coat is slightly longer. Slightly wavy, hard hair is permitted.

General Appearance: A powerful well-muscled, medium-sized, white shepherd dog with erect ears, with double coat or long double coat.


In USA and Canada the white shepherd dogs have gradually come to be accepted as a distinct breed. The first dogs of this breed were imported into Switzerland in the early 1970s. The American dog Lobo, whelped March 5, 1966, can be considered the proginator of the breed in Switzerland. The descendeants of that male registered with the Swiss Stud Book (LOS) and other white shepherd dogs imported from the US and Canada gradually multiplied. There now exists a large number of white shepherd dogs, purebred, over several generations, distributed throughout Europe. For that reason, since June 1991, these dogs have been registered as a new breed with the appendic of LOS.

While the White Swiss Shepherd and modern German Shepherd Dog have common ancestry, and by some are considered to be the same breed, there are many differences which have occurred between the two after being bred along separate paths for some time. Due to historical and political events these dogs in Australia have been required to seek recognition as a breed apart.

Buyers Be Aware
The Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC) now recognise the breed White Swiss Shepherd Dog as of May 2008.
The ANKC advises that Australian white bloodlines are NOT a separate breed to the German Shepherd Dog. Only imported dogs, officially registered as White Swiss Shepherd Dogs overseas, will be eligible for main registration as White Swiss Shepherd Dogs, providing they comply with the new ANKC regulations.
Anyone claiming to own a White Swiss Shepherd Dog in Australia, must have an imported White Swiss Shepherd Dog with an FCI or ANKC affiliate kennel club pedigree with no dogs in the pedigree being registered as German Shepherd Dogs.
The latest is that the ANKC has instructed that ALL Australian whites residing in Australia are considered German Shepherd Dogs of white coat colour and are NOT White Swiss Shepherd Dogs, unless imported and registered under ANKC regulations.

Their enthusiasts exclaim that the White Swiss Shepherds are versatile and capable of anything; they are intelligent and highly trainable in any discipline (obedience, Flyball, agility, etc) and are happiest in the company of their humans!

Grooming- Easy to groom. When the dog is shedding they should be brushed and combed every day, otherwise occasional brushing will do. The ears should be checked regularly. The claws should be trimmed short. This breed is a seasonably heavy shedder.

Exercise- require regular daily exercise as well as mental stimulation. Otherwise they will become bored and destructive.

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