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Activities you can to do with dogs - Endurance


Purpose: The Endurance Test shall demonstrate the dog's ability to work after being subject to a certain degree of physical strain without showing signs of undue stress or lack of constitution.

Due to the dog's physical structure, such a test can only consist of a gaiting performance of some lengthy duration, which, it is known places an increasing load not only on its internal organs, such as the heart and lungs, but on many other aspects of the dog's physical structure and temperamental characteristics.

The effortless accomplishment of such a test shall be the evidence as to the physical fitness of the dog.

What happens? Endurance Tests starts with you, your dog and probably your bike. Firstly a vet check, simple obedience and then a ride or jog in line order. After the first leg, approximately 8 km, all dogs are checked over and there is a fifteen minute break, the next stop, after 6km is twenty minutes, the third and final leg, about another 6km (this is where the dogs are happily in the rhythm but the owners have sore legs and bottoms, sees you finishing to cheers as your 20km journey comes to an end. After a fifteen minute break the dogs are checked and a basic obedience test is carried out. All successful dogs are awarded the title Endurance Test and have the letters ET after their registered name.

Who can compete? Dogs must be a minimum of two years and a maximum of seven years, they may need to be registered with the Canine Association in your state, all dogs must also be checked by a veterinarian within fourteen days before the test. Dogs that compete are very athletic breeds, and more medium to large sized.

Why compete? The training for the Endurance test is often described as the ultimate bonding, you spend a huge amount of time in the companionship of your dog as you both work together. This is great for people who love fitness and working out and have dogs that share those personality traits.

Where to find out more details.

Preparing your dog for an ET

Tasmanian Dog Training Club details on ET




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