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Health & Nutrition

Bowen Therapy

Just like you and I, dogs too get tired, sore muscles and back problems, this effects their movement and moods.

Bowen therapy is a gentle non-invasive therapy, that rewards us with wonderful results that inturn makes our animals life a lot happier.

This dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy helps the animal's body perform at its optimal level.

Gentle moves on soft tissue stimulate energy flows, empowering the body's own resources to heal itself.

It is not massage acupressure etc, it is small precise moves on specific points of the body that relaxes the body and sets up a stimulus that encourages the body to repair itself.

You will be amazed with how wonderfully the animals respond to this therapy, and how relaxed they are with it.

If you have an animal you race, show or are training for something, then their movement is important and Bowen therapy is definitely worth looking into.

Like ourselves our animals fall over, injure themselves, over do it some days and can become involved in accidents. Bowen therapy can be a great way to help them with their healing.

# Information provided By:
Patricia Green - Animal Health Naturally

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Chocolate Toxicity

Levels of theobromine in Chocolate.
Concentration of theobromine varies with the formulation of the chocolate.
Milk chocolate has 44mg/oz (154mg/100gm)
Semisweet chocolate has 150 mg/oz (528mg/100gm)
Baking chocolate 390mg/oz (1365 mg/100gm)
The theobromine in candies consisting of chocolate that is coated over some other substance - as in filled candies and chocolate coated dried fruits, etc will be more dilute than that in pure chocolate bars and solid chocolate candies.

Toxic Amounts of Chocolate

Dog's Weight

Amount of
Milk Choc

Amount of
Unsweet Choc.

Approx. Mg.

2.2 kg.

113.4 g.

14.1 g.


4.5 kg.

226.8 g.

28.3 g.


9.0 kg.

453.6 g.

70.8 g.


13.6 kg.

907.2 g.

92.1 g.


18.0 kg.

1.134 kg.

127.5 g.


22.6 kg.

1.360 kg.

156.0 g.


27.2 kg.

1.814 kg.

198.4 g.


31.7 kg.

2.268 kg.

240.9 g.



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Food - BARF diet.

BARF stands for Bones And Raw Foods. - What is BARF? BARF is about feeding dogs properly. - BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. BARF also stands for Bones And Raw Food. - Welcome! Raw Learning - a group of like minded people who have joined from around the world to make our animals, no matter what the species, healthier..... Details about the book "Raw Meaty Bones". A range of ideas on BARF feeding, recipes, and alternative treatments.

More links to Barf information

Find out what is in Pet Foods. Informative site on what is in pet food.


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Grapes & Raisins Toxic to Dogs


Dear friends,

The ASPCA-run Animal Poison Control Center is working hard to get the word out to people that raisins and grapes are both considered toxic to dogs now.
This is a relatively recent revelation, one that is painfully close to my heart since I personally had a healthy, young 70-lb male Irish setter die of complete kidney failure within 24 hours of eating raisins (he ate a 14 oz box he snuck out of my grocery bag).

I just got off the phone with them, providing them what data I could for their database and they were very grateful and were wonderful to work with. They asked me to do two things, which I ask your help with as well:

1. Tell everyone in our classes about this!! Many of us have used grapes as treats for our dogs. This is now known to be dangerous.

2. Encourage anyone who is quite sure they've had a death caused by this to contact the center and provide the details.

They've even had some owners who contacted them very shortly after the death allow the center to get tissue samples for study. The number to call is the same as the poison hotline-- 888-4-ANIHELP (yes there's an extra digit there but never mind--this will help you remember the number).

They do charge for immediate crisis poison counseling, but do NOT charge people (of course) who call to provide information about a case, and they are grateful for the data.
Please, bring this up with your classes. The control center is in the early stages of studying this and doesn't know WHY it happens, if it's specific to a certain amount of the food, if some breeds are more susceptible than others, etc.

Kidney failure is the common result, and they have had the opportunity to study the specific kind and areas of renal failure in some of the victims.
Meanwhile, it's easily preventable, so let's prevent it.
Thanks for spreading the word.
Stace Eakle RockenCash
DDB Rescue

Submitted By;
Debbie Marshall
Chienparadis Dogue de Bordeaux

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Many pet owners continue to think that allergies are limited to symptoms such as runny eyes, sneezing or itchy skin. Fortunately, there are a growing number of health professionals who see that there may be an "allergic" factor in most illnesses and disorders.
Even the best dog food out there can cause your dog allergies.

Allergy comes from Greek words Allos / ergion, which means, "altered reactivity". Therefore, allergy is an unusual sensitivity to any given substance. The tendency to react physically to various allergens is inherited but may not show up until later in life, although sensitivity to any specific irritant is rarely inherited. Whatever a body becomes imbalanced, allergic symptoms can appear. Allergies can result from repeat exposure to a particularly strong toxin allergen, such that the body's defense become exhausted due to overwork. They may also be caused by serious trauma, major surgery, any anesthetic event, vaccinations, or emotional stresses such as changes in habitat, weaning or change in family members (human or animal). Symptoms can be worse at certain times of the year, as when there is a pollen allergy. Symptoms can also be more acute in certain locations or under specific conditions, due to contact with greater amounts of the offending allergen - as in smoke filled room. Any substance can generate an allergy, whether it is understood to be "bad" or "good".

NAET offers an energy-medicine solution to allergic conditions. Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique, which combines Chinese medicine principles applied through acupuncture, kinesiology and acupressure, was developed in the last 15 years by Dr. Devi Nambudripad L.Ac. D.C., Ph.D. She has spent years studying the effect of this technique on thousands of human patients.

Muscle Response Testing (MRT) is used to confirm the presence of allergic reactivity. Once identified, acupuncture and /or acupressure is used to eliminate the allergy by re-programming the body's response to contact.

# A specific protocol has evolved which prioritises treatment of common as well as unique allergens.
# The diagnostic method employed in NAET human or animal is MRT or kinesiology.

When used in humans, the patient's own muscle strength is the indicator; while with animals, as with human infants, a human acts as the intermediary between the physician and the patient. The body's muscle reaction to homeopathic medicines is used as a part of the diagnostic picture. This technique allows the blending of herbal medicines, diet and homeopathy, traditional antibiotics and drugs with physical therapies such as muscle release, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and shiatsu in a pleasant and health-giving manner. It takes energy medicine t a new level by drawing on the energetic link between patients and their owners.
Ref: Roger W. Valentine 1998

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Ticks, Worms & Other Parasites General tick information. Coccidia - Intestinal Parasites
Toxocara Canis - Common worm infection

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