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Activities you can to do with dogs - Dog Obedience

Obedience Trial Photos
Retrieve Over High Jump

Heel Free - Figure of 8

3 Minute Sit Stay Handler out of sight

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Obedience Trial Titles

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Retrieve over high jump

Open Class Trial

Exercise: Retrieve Over High Jump.

The dumbell is thrown.

After the dumbell lands you have to instruct your dog to jump, retrieve and return over the jump to you.




Exercise complete.

The judge informs you how you did.

Heel Free - figure 8

Heel Free exercise

You must heel you dog off lead around the two people, in the figure of 8.

Finishing off the exercise

Exercise complete.

3 Minute sit stay handler out of sight

Open Class

Exercise: 3 Minute Sit Stay Handler out of sight

Handlers sit their dogs. The judge will the ask them to leave their dog.
Handlers will leave & remain out of sight of their dog for 3 min.
Handlers return & hope their dog has not moved

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Links to Obedience Information

Titled Trial Oz Dogs - Welcome to the Titled Trial Oz Dogs, this site is for the Purebred Dogs who are actively Trialing and who have gained Titles in Obedience


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