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Off Lead Parks & Beaches

Queensland  |  Victoria  |  Tasmania  |  South  Australia  |  ACT
Western Australia  |   Northern Territory  |  NSW

When using Council off lead areas remember.

# Check the signs in the area & obey council restrictions. These may include specific times when you are allowed to use the park for exercising your dog and "off-limits areas". Penalties apply for misuse of Parks and Reserves. Check with local council if you are unsure of your obligations.

# Always clean up after your dog. Most responsible councils have provided poo bins for this purpose. Some provide plastic bags as well, but often they run out so always carry one or two with you.

# Dogs still must be under effective owner control at all times.

# Generally keep your dog away from the childrens playing equipment.




Sunshine Coast
Gold Coast
Hervybay Area


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South Australia


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Western Australia


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Northern Territory


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