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Activities you can to do with dogs - Retrieving Trials


What happens? The Retrieving Gun Dog Trials are excellent ways to see the natural working instinct of the Gun Dog Breeds. The Gun Dog Working Test combines basic obedience and retrieval, done in the field with dummies. The Retrieving Trials test foe obedience, natural retrieving and hunting ability. During the trial items are cast from a mechanical thrower and the dogs be able to find the item and return it (with no rough handling) to their owner.

Who can compete? Can be limited to registered pure bred Gundogs (eg Labradors , Golden Retrievers, German Shorthaired Pointers etc) But any gun dog (even crosses) love and excel at the sport

Why compete? Retrieving trials help appease the natural instinct to hunt and retrieve, it works both the dogs mind and body leaving you with a satisfied, happy pooch.

Where to find out more details. - Queensland & Victoria branch
The retrieving trials mentioned above are quite different from ours. We are the only one that runs under the Sporting Shooters Association in Queensland and we are also the only one that uses the Dokken Fowl instead of game, making our sport more 'socially' appealing that others.
All retrieving trials in Queensland require dogs to be pedigree....apart from ours because we come under the auspices of the SSAA and not the Canine Control Council.



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