Afghan Hound

Group 4: Hounds – Sight hound
Male: 68 – 74 cm
Female: 5 – 8 cm smaller

Energy Level:  Moderate to high
Lifespan: 10 – 14 yrs

Recommended for: Dedicated people and active people.

Afghan Hound

About This Breed

The Afghan Hound takes a big commitment in time. When in peak condition the Afghan is a very beautiful dog. They are the longest coated members of the sight hound family.

A hardy breed, agile and with great stamina, they have been used for many centuries in their native land for hunting, guarding and even their hair for weaving.

Intelligent dogs but not that easy to train and being large, not that easy to handle either. They need a firm, not harsh, dedicate handler. They have a personality that captures their owners and some say they are almost cat like in their antics. They can be quite arrogant and aloof.

General Characteristics

Appearance: The gait of the Afghan Hound should be smooth and springy with a style of high order. The whole appearance of the dog should give the impression of strength and dignity combining speed and power. The head must be held proudly.

Temperament: Independent, lively, loving.

Characteristics: Should be dignified and aloof with a certain keen fierceness. The eastern or oriental expression is typical of the breed. The Afghan looks at and through you.

Colour: All colours are acceptable.

Coat: Long and very fine texture on ribs, fore- and hindquarters and flanks. From the shoulder backwards and along the saddle, the hair should be short and close in mature dogs. Hair long from the forehead backward, with a distinct silky top knot.
On the face the hair is short, as on the back. Ears and legs well coated. Pasterns can be bare. Coat must be allowed to develop naturally.

Grooming: The long thick coat demands a great deal of attention and must be brushed at least everyday. Dry shampooing is necessary and weekly baths. The coat can be clipped to make grooming easier.

Exercise: Long daily walks and off lead running. Make sure you have done obedience training with them or they may not come back. They can tend to be a bit lazy, so exercise must be regular.

Health: Generally a robust breed with little problems.