Australian Dingo

Group: Native, wild
Height: 52 – 60 cm for males; less for females which also display a shorter loin area.
Weight: 13.5 – 19 kg

Energy Level:  High
Original Function: Wild
Lifespan: 10 – 14yrs

Recommended for: More experienced owners.

Note: See your States laws for keeping as domestic pets and for permits.

Australian Dingo

About This Breed

About 15,000 million years ago prior to the glaciation of the Ice Age, Australia and Asia were still joined. Dingo’s and other animals already inhabited this area before it became separated by water. Most of the dogs were feral and believed to live in packs of about 10-15.

Indigenous Australians domesticated them at puppy stage, keeping a number of them in their camps. They made loyal and faithful companions.

Like wolves they howl rather than bark. Like Basenjis, Dingo females only come into season once a year. These dogs normally hunt in pairs or packs and mainly at night.

General Characteristics

Appearance: An elegant, medium sized dog of great agility, speed and stamina. The Australian Dingo is longer than high and appears high on leg yet stands over a lot of ground. He is upstanding, but gives the impression of being able to drop in an instant. Ever alert, hardy and rangy and instantly reflexive, carrying not an ounce of excess flesh. The Australian Dingo is a rawboned breed, never carrying excess layers of fat or flesh. Type and balance more important than size.

Temperament: Generally cautious, seldom slavish or demonstrative to strangers.

Characteristics: Strongly individualistic, sensitive, highly intelligent, gentle, curious & affectionate. The Australian Dingo does not bark but is not entirely mute.

Colour: Red, Gold, Cream & Black/Tan.

Coat: Varies from a dense dry undercoat with a sparse outer coat of coarse protective guard hairs in cool climates, to a hard single coat in warm areas. The Dingo reflects his surroundings.

Grooming: Little is needed to keep the short coat looking good. Bathe when necessary.

Exercise: they need plenty of exercise and can be good climbers and jumpers so high fencing is needed to keep them in.

Health: Hardy