Group 4: Hounds
Male: 63 – 69 cm
Female: 58 – 63 cm

Energy Level:  Low – Moderate
Original Function: Scent-hound, tracking
Lifespan: 8 – 10 yrs

Recommended for: Most people/families


About This Breed

The Bloodhound originated from the Asian mastiff family and arrived in France with the Romans. Some centuries later they were taken to Britain, their scenting abilities being far greater than any others, earning its title of the Bloodhound. They became invaluable to the police for these scenting abilities, being able to follow tails that are over 100 hours old.

They can be a very sensitive, gentle and shy dog. They become very devoted to their master or family, sometimes their affection can be overbearing. They get along well with other dogs and people.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Large sized, strong body with deep chest. Head is covered with wrinkles with medium sized dark eyes. Ears are big & long that hang down. Tail long & can be carried in upright position.

Temperament: Affectionate, neither quarrelsome with companions nor with other dogs. Somewhat reserved and sensitive.

Characteristics: Very powerful, standing over more ground than is usual with hounds of other breeds. Skin thin and loose, especially noticeable about head and neck and where it hangs in deep folds.

Colour: Black and tan, liver and tan (red and tan) and red. Darker colours sometimes interspersed with lighter or badger coloured hair and sometimes flecked with white. Small amount of white permissible on chest, feet and tip of tail.

Coat: Short, Smooth & Weatherproof.

Grooming: Coat in easy to maintain. Whenever needed, brush and wash. Clean their ears regularly.

Exercise: Because of their size and growth rate, do not over-exercise as puppies. Care must be taken in the first year to ensure their bones and joints are given a proper chance to grow.

Make sure the yard is well-fenced as they are primarily tracking dogs and once on the trail, will be desperate to find its source! Their sense of smell is said to be two million times greater than a human’s!

They have phenomenal stamina and, as adults, will need plenty exercise. If not given sufficient exercise they can be boisterous! They will be about 3 years old before they reach full maturity.

Health: This breed can be susceptible to hip dysplasia and bloat.

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