Canaan Dog

Group 7: Non Sporting
Height: 50 – 60 cm
Weight: 18 – 25 kg

Energy Level:  Moderate – high
Original Function: Working
Lifespan: 10 – 12 yrs

Recommended for: Experienced handles & families.

Note: Not many in Australia

Canaan Dog

About This Breed

The Canaan Dog is an ancient breed resembling the wild dog type which has survived in Israel through at least 4000 years of history. These pariah dogs which lived on the fringes of civilization and were frequently used by the Bedouin as flock and camp guardians.

In 1934, Dr. Rudolf and Prof. Rudolphina Menzel immigrated to Israel, then known as Palestine. They undertook the study of pariah dogs and the Canaan Dog in particular, becoming the driving force behind its preservation. Prof. Menzel bred and trained Canaan Dogs, primarily for military work. In 1965, Prof. Menzel exported four Canaan Dogs to the United States where they became the foundation stock for American and Canadian Canaan Dogs.

They are extremely vigilant and alert, they are quick to react and distrustful of strangers, both human and animal. When confronted by an intruder at first is not to attack but to stay out of reach and bark continuously. They may be aggressive with other dogs, particularly in their own territory.

They are extraordinarily devoted and amenable to training but consider themselves the equal of those with whom they live. When raised with children they are very gentle with and extremely protective of them.

This breed matures slowly both physically and mentally and individual dogs may not reach their prime until as late as four years of age.

General Characteristics

Appearance: A medium sized, well balanced, strong & square dog resembling the wild dog type. Head is well proportioned, blunt wedge shape of medium length, with almond shaped slightly slanted, dark brown eyes. Ears are triangular shaped & erect. Tail is high set, thick brush carried curled over the back.

Temperament: Alert, quick to react, distrustful of strangers, strongly defensive but not naturally aggressive. Vigilant, not only against man but other animals as well. Extraordinarily devoted and amenable to training.

Colour: Desert colours – sand, gold, red, cream – are most typical of the breed. White, black, or spotted, with or without mask. If masked, mask must be symmetrical. Black mask permitted on all colours. White markings are permitted on all colours: “Boston Terrier” patterns are common.
Undesirable colours, Black and Tan, Brindle, Grey and tri-colour

Coat: Outer coat dense, harsh and straight, of short to medium length. Undercoat close and profuse

Grooming: A brush once a week while in coat is all they need, and a bath when needed. They shed coat twice a year and it’s a good idea to get a stripping comb and remove all the dead hair.

Exercise: They enjoy exercise and are very agile and athletic. They will adapt to however much exercise they are given, whether they are indoors or out. It is advisable that they are given at least one good long run every day.