Chow Chow

Group 7: Non Sporting
Height: Minimum height for Chows to be 45.7cm (18 ins)

Energy Level:  moderate – low
Original Function: Hunting/guard dogs as well as meat and fur.
Lifespan: 10 – 12 yrs

Recommended for: Dedicated handlers & families.

Chow Chow

About This Breed

The Chow Chows ancestry is thousands of years old. It is thought by many to actually be an offshoot of a bear/dog which evolved in the late Miocene era and does not share the same ancestry as the domestic dog, which evolved from wolves, coyotes and jackals.

Their history has been traced back to the Chinese Han dynasty, not only were they breed to hunt and to guard stock but for food and also for the fur market. The Chow made it’s first appearance to civilization as we know it in the 18th century and was brought back to the United Kingdom on merchant ships from China.

The Chow is definitely not a breed for everyone, they are aloof, very clean in their habits and stubborn. They can be a challenge to train as they are very strong willed. They show a great loyalty to their owner and family members.

It’s very important to socialize them, which should begin as a puppy. They are relatively quiet dogs and make good guards. As long as they are introduced to children, cats and other household pets when young, problems can be prevented.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Medium sized, an active, compact, short-coupled and well balanced dog. Lion like face, Small dark eyes & small erect ears. Tail carried over the back. Tongue is blue, black in colour.

Temperament: Reserved, Independent, loyal yet aloof.

Characteristics: A well-balanced dog, leonine in appearance, with proud dignified bearing; loyal yet aloof; unique in its stilted gait and bluish-black tongue.

Colour: Whole coloured black, red, blue, fawn, cream or white, frequently shaded but not patches or parti-coloured (the underpart of tail and back of thighs frequently of a light colour).

Coat: Abundant, dense, straight and stand-off. Outer coat rather coarse in texture and with a soft woolly undercoat.

The Chow Chow is a profusely coated dog and balance should therefore be assessed when the coat is at its natural length.

Grooming: The grooming requirements of this dog are quite considerable. Grooming should be started at an early age as it must be done on a daily basis. When the adult coat comes in the puppy must be bathed and groomed more often so the new coat can come in properly.

The coat itself is very abundant, thick and dense, with the outer coat being quite coarse in texture and the undercoat soft and woolly. The coat is thicker around the neck and legs.

Exercise: The Chow Chow does not require a lot of exercise but they do like the outdoors, and are quite happy doing their own thing in the back garden. They must have somewhere shaded and cool that they can retreat to in warm and hot weather. Too much exercise too young can lead to bone and joint related health problems in later life therefore during adolescence exercise must be monitored closely.

Health: This breed can have problems with hip and elbow dysplasia and prone to eye problems.

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