Group 4: Hounds
Height: ideal
Male: 76 cm
Female: 71 cm
Weight: ideal
Male: 45.5 kg
Female: 36.5 kg

Energy Level:  Low to moderate
Original Function: Hunting
Lifespan: 10 – 13 yrs

Recommended for: Active people/families.


About This Breed

Deerhounds were originally from Scotland and probably evolved from crosses of the greyhound and rough coated local dogs. They were highly valued by the Scottish for stalking, hunting and holding deer. They are a large sighthound, but they are gentle and easy to live with.

They are quite sensitive and do not respond well to harsh discipline. They can adapt easily to different situations. They get on well with children but do not make particularly good guard dogs; they are not known to bark a lot. Most Deerhounds still have a very strong instinct to hunt so early introduction to other household pets, especially cats, is necessary.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Large sized, lean body. Eyes are dark, ears are rose shaped & tail is long. They are often described as resembling a shaggy coated greyhound.

Temperament: Gentle and friendly. Obedient and easy to train because eager to please. Docile and good tempered, never suspicious, aggressive or nervous. Carries himself with quiet dignity.

Characteristics: The build suggests the unique combination of speed, power and endurance necessary to pull down a stag, but general bearing is one of gentle dignity.

Colour: Dark blue-grey, darker and lighter greys or brindles and yellows, sandy-red or red fawns with black points. A white chest, white toes and a slight white tip to stern are permissible but the less white the better, since it is a self-coloured dog. A white blaze on head or white collar unacceptable.

Coat: Shaggy, but not overcoated. Woolly coat unacceptable. The correct coat is thick, close-lying, ragged; harsh or crisp to the touch. Hair on body, neck and quarters harsh and wiry about 7 cm (3 ins) to 10 cm (4 ins) long; that on head, breast and belly much softer. A slight hairy fringe on inside of fore and hind legs.

Grooming: Their shaggy coat needs a brush once a week to remove the dead hairs. Bath when needed.

Exercise: As puppies they should be restricted in their activities. They do require lots of exercise and need to be fed an adequate diet as a result. They love to run free and several short walks each day are not enough for this athletic hound.