Group 4: Hounds
Male: 53 – 61 cm
Female: 50 – 57 cm

Energy Level:  High
Original Function: Coursing hares & foxes
Lifespan: 10 – 14 yrs

Recommended for: Young active families or retired couple provided some basic rules were taught. Owners would need to be prepared to give this breed plenty of exercise and allow it to be part of the family’

Note: The Hamiltonstovare is a scent hound and at times the hunting instinct can override obedience training.

Not many in Australia


About This Breed

The Hamiltonstovare is one of the most popular breeds in it’s native Sweden. Named after its creator, Count Adolf Hamilton, who was the founder of the Swedish Kennel Club in 1889. The Hamiltonstovare is the tallest and most strongly built of the Stovare breeds and was developed primarily from the English Foxhound, the Harrier, the German Schweizerstovare and the Hanoverian Hound.

The Hamilton was developed to hunt fox and hare through densely grown forests and deep snow. The Hamilton normally works alone and unlike the Foxhound is not a pack animal.

The Hamilton is a friendly, good-natured breed and mixes well with other dogs. They will play happily for hours with other dogs, but can also entertain themselves. They are not an aggressive breed or a breed that needs to dominate.

They make good house dogs as they are easily house broken and are a very clean dog. They have a lovely nature. They thrive in a family environment and crave companionship.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Medium sized body. Brown eyes. Ears hang to the side of the head. Tail is long.

Temperament: Typical even tempered hound. If left alone for long periods they can become noisy and destructive.

Characteristics: Handsome, upstanding dog of striking colouring. Hardy and sound.

Colour: Upper side of neck, back, sides of trunk and upper side of tail black. Head and legs, as well as side of neck, trunk and tail brown. Blaze on upper part of muzzle, underside of neck, breast and tip of tail, together with feet, white. A mixture of black and brown undesirable, as is any preponderance of any of the three permissible colours.

Coat: Coat consists of two layers. Undercoat short, close and soft, especially thick during winter. Upper coat strongly weather resistant lying close to body. On underside of tail, ordinary hair quite long but not forming a fringe. Ample hair between pads.

Grooming: A low maintenance breed, little is needed to keep their coat looking good, a brush and a wash when needed.

Exercise: Daily exercise is a must and will keep this dog happy. Hamiltons are a strong & powerful breed – basic lead training is essential.

Care should be exercised when off lead. Once on a scent, they will hunt for hours before (hopefully) returning to their original starting point – exhausted but happy. Lead walking will be necessary.

Health: They are a relatively healthy breed, having only Epilepsy & Hip Dysplasia on record.