Hungarian Kuvasz

Group 5: Working Dogs
Male: 71 – 76 cm
Female: 66 – 70cm
Male: 48 – 62 kg
Female: 37 – 50 kg

Energy Level:  Moderate to high
Original Function: Guarding, hunting
Lifespan: 10 – 12 yrs

Recommended for: Experienced dog handlers.

Note: Not many in Australia.

Hungarian Kuvasz

About This Breed

The Kuvasz (pronounced “Koo – Vuz”) name in turkey means ‘protector’. They are a long established, ancient Hungarian Shepherd Dog, that were used to watch and guard their flocks. Due to the decline in stock herding, they were used less for their original duties and have become more settled in villages and in towns.

The Kuvasz is a spirited dog with a medium energy level that allows them to remain alert, yet never hyperactive. Their independence of thought and deed, high intelligence, determination, courage, physical strength, agility & loyalty combine to aid them in their protective work. They defend those they love to the point of self sacrifice without external direction.

They are confidently curious & playful as they are gentle & affectionate, especially with children. The adult Kuvasz is socially discriminating with strangers until they assesses their intent.

The Kuvasz requires emotional closeness to their family. While the Kuvasz is a large & strong dog with high levels of independence they are crushed by unjust shame, blame, repeated insult & emotional neglect.

The independent & intelligent Kuvasz requires socialisation. Socialisation refers to the process of teaching and the acceptance of behaviours, attitudes & rules of the family. Socialisation begins at birth, continues past maturity & must be based on the Kuvasz stage of mental development (vs. rapid physical development) if disappointments are to be avoided.

A fenced yard is a necessity because the Kuvasz enjoys being outdoors, despite his desire to be close to the family. They need room to run and play. Apartment living is not an ideal environment.

Although the Kuvasz is loving & patient with his children, he will protect his children from perceived threats from others. Likewise the puppy requires protection from the children. Children must be taught how to handle and live with a dog.

Learn all you can on the breed before you make an investment. The Kuvasz will be a part of your family for many years to come, allow the breeder to assist you in making the decision of whether or not this is the right breed for your family.

General Characteristics

Appearance: A sturdily built, muscular dog with a medium boned frame. A broad wedge-shaped head with a black nose & almond shaped, dark brown eyes. The lips & inside of the mouth are black. The ears are folded close to the head. Long tail which is carried low but may be raised when the dog is excited.

Temperament & characteristics: Brave & fearless. They defend the people entrusted to their care & their protection & their property, even with their life. They are faithful, dependable & love their master & their surroundings.

Colour: White, Ivory colour is permitted.

Coat: Outercoat – moderately harsh, wavy, slightly stiff, not tending to mat. Undercoat – is a finer downy undercoat.

Grooming: Weekly brushing of the thick, coat is necessary. Bathing of the Kuvasz should be kept to a minimum, as the coat naturally sheds dirt and bathing will remove the oils that give the coat this property. Check behind the ears for matting. In cold climates the Kuvasz will only shed seasonally, but in warmer climates it will most likely shed all year round.

Exercise: They need vigorous daily exercise and should not be tied up if kept in the yard as this may lead to viciousness.

Health: This breed can be prone to hip dysplasia, also osteochondritis dissecans (a disease causing lameness from inflammation of the shoulder joints), hypertrophic osteodystrophy, skin problems and allergic reactions. Also potentially prone to patella luxation, thyroid disease and deafness.