Hungarian Pumi

Group 5: Working Dogs
Male: 41 cm – 47 cm
Female: 38 cm – 44 cm
Male: 10 – 15 kg
Female: 8 – 13 kg

Energy Level:  Moderate
Original Function: Herding
Lifespan: 10 – 12 yrs

Recommended for: Families, enthusiasts.

Note: Not many in Australia.

Hungarian Pumi

About This Breed

The Pumi breed can be traced back to the 17th century. This breed was born from the combination of the Hungarian shepherd dogs and the terrier-like herding dogs of France and Germany. They had a lively temperament and proved to be great help in herding sheep and rounding up cattle.

Pumis are extremely smart dogs, therefore very easy to train. Even though their name is similar to that of the Pulis, and the two dog breeds do share many characteristics, the Pumi is much easier to groom, and they do not shed.

Pumis can be quite vocal especially near strangers and will need to be taught when to bark if living in close proximity to neighbours. The breed standard describes the Pumi as “unable to keep quiet”. However they are extremely loyal and affectionate. They make excellent pets but can’t be left alone for long periods of time as they are prone to separation anxiety

General Characteristics

Appearance: A medium sized herding dog of Terrier type. His Terrier character is most obvious in his head. The foreface is elongated and the upper third of the otherwise prick ears is bending forward. The conformation is square. Because of his constant alertness, his neck carriage is higher than normal.

Temperament: Alert, energetic, can be wilful.

Characteristics: The Pumi is a herding dog of Terrier type. His scenting ability is well developed. Has excellently proved his worth when combating wild beasts of prey or rodents. Excellent house pet and can definitely be kept indoors. Needs plenty of exercise. Is an excellent companion and sporting dog.

Colour: Grey in various shades, Black, Fawn. Primary colours: red, yellow, cream (a trace of black or grey and a distinct mask are desirable)
A white mark on the chest less than 3 cm in diameter and/or a white line on the toes are not faulty.
White The coat colour must always be intense and solid.

Coat: Wavy, curly coat forms tufts & is never smooth or corded. It is Shaggy & dense, topcoat is not coarse & undercoat is soft.

Grooming: Occasional combing and brushing will keep the coat looking good. Remove excess hair from inside the ears. Pumis will look well groomed.

Exercise: They need a lot of exercise. If living in an urban environment, replacement activities for work can include ball games, Frisbee and agility classes.