Kangal Shepherd Dog

Group 6: Utility
Height: 71 – 81 cm

Energy Level:  Moderate
Original Function: Herding
Lifespan: 10 – 12 yrs

Recommended: As working dog, or for active people & families.

Note: Very strong guarding instincts.


About This Breed

The Kangal Dog, or “Kangal” is one of the famous Turkish sheepdog breeds. It is renowned for its size, courage and mastiff-like appearance. They were probably bred by the Sultans of Turkey since at least the seventeenth century and were also known as Samsun dogs. They are an active working breed used to guard sheep and livestock.

They are steady and bold without undue aggression, independent, hardy, and easy to train. They are well-suited to protect livestock, but can also make an excellent home companion dog. Owners must be committed to training and socialization them and provide them with ample exercise and a fenced yard.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Extra large sized body. Large broad head with small round golden to brown eyes. Medium sized ears, triangular shape that hang to the side of the head. Tail long, when relaxed, carried low with a slight curl, when alert carried high with end curled over the back.

Temperament: The Kangal Dog possesses the classic livestock guardian dog temperament; a temperament characterised by a calm, alert and independent demeanour. Possessing a natural protective instinct, he is loyal, bold and courageous without showing undue aggression. Moreover the Kangal Dog is sensitive and his responses to individual situations clearly demonstrate his intelligence and sensitivity.

Characteristics: An active working breed used to guard sheep and livestock. Steady and bold without undue aggression, independent, hardy, very trainable.

Colour: Body colour ranges from dun to steel grey. A white chest blaze may be present, the head has a black mask.

Coat: Short & dense with thick undercoat.

Grooming: The coat needs minimal of care a brush and a wash now and then.

Exercise: they need plenty of exercise to keep them fit and happy.