Lakeland Terrier

Group 2: Terriers
Height: No taller than 37cm

Energy Level:  Moderate to high
Original Function: Hunting
Lifespan: 12 – 16 yrs

Recommended for: Active people & families, people with allergies.

Lakeland Terrier

About This Breed

The Lakeland Terrier was previously known as the Patterdale Terrier and from the north of England Lake District. They were used to guard flocks of sheep; they were to destroy the foxes that attacked them. They were expected to follow the foxes down into the lair if they had to; this is why their chest width is meant to be the same as their head.

Despite their reputation for courage and tenacity, the Lakeland is a gentle loving companion. The modern Lakeland has lost little of his fearless and independent spirit. Like their forebears, they are able to adapt to any circumstance and meets any challenge with enthusiasm. Their great athletic ability makes them an excellent candidate for activities such as Agility and Flyball.

The Lakeland loves people and makes a loyal and affectionate companion. They are a fun loving, very energetic dog and have a good nature around children.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Smart, workmanlike, well balanced and compact.

Temperament: Bold, friendly and self-confident.

Characteristics: Fearless demeanour, keen of expression, quick of movement.

Colour: Black/Tan, Blue/Tan, Red, Wheaten, Red Grizzle, Liver or Black.

Coat: Harsh, dense and weather resistant.

Grooming: Little brushing is needed to keep the coat looking good, but they will need to be clipped to keep it tidy. Bath when needed.

Exercise: Regular exercise is needed to keep them fit and happy.