Large Munsterlander

Group 3: Gun dogs
Male: 60 – 65cm
Female: 58 – 63 cm
Male: 25 – 29 kg
Female: 25 kg

Energy Level:  Moderate to high
Original Function: Retrieving
Lifespan: 10 – 13 yrs

Recommended for: Active people & families.

Large Munsterlander

About This Breed

The Large Munsterlander originated in German in the early 19th century. Once recognised as the black & white versions of the Deutsch Langhaar – German Longhaired Pointer. Only the brown and white (German Longhaired Pointers) puppies were kept, the black and white puppies of the litters were put down or given away to gamekeepers and farmers.

The Farmers were not interested in a dog’s colour as long as they performed well . They were finally recognised and named the Large Munsterlander.

They are a multi purpose gundog, have a good nose and work well on land and in water. They are affectionate, trustworthy and easy to train. They make excellent family companions.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Alert and energetic, with strong muscular body, having good movement with drive. Head well proportioned to body, elongated, skull sufficiently broad, slightly rounded. Medium size, dark brown eyes. Ears hang to the side of the head. Tail coated & long.

Temperament: Loyal, affectionate, trustworthy.

Characteristics: Multi-purpose gundog, ideal for the rough shooter. Excellent nose, staying power, and works equally well on land and in water. A keen worker, easily taught.

Colour: Head solid black, white blaze, snip or star allowed. Body white or blue roan with black patches, flecked, ticked, or combination of these.

Coat: Hair long & dense, but not curly or coarse. Well feathered on front and hindlegs & on tail, more so in males than in females. Hair must lie short & smooth on the head.

Grooming: Require little in the way of grooming, a weekly comb and brush over will suffice. Their feathering on the ears, front and hind legs and tail will need the occasional tidying up. Excess hair between the pads on the feet should be trimmed when necessary. They are dogs who enjoy all types of weather so be warned, mud and dirt can be a problem!

Exercise: Munsterlanders are primarily field sports dogs but will adapt quite readily to family life as long as they are given plenty of exercise. They love water therefore care must be taken to ensure their safety when they are running loose. They make great companions for active people, being content either to work or play.