Peruvian Hairless Dog

Group 7: Non Sporting
Height & Weight: There are three sizes in the Peruvian
Small: 25 – 40 cm, 4 – 8 kg
Medium: 40 – 50 cm, 8 – 12 kg
Large: 50 – 65 cm, 12 – 25 kg

Energy Level:  Moderate
Original Function: Hunting
Lifespan: 12 – 15 yrs

Recommended for: Allergy sufferers, active people, experienced handlers.

Note: Not may in Australia

Peruvian Hairless Dog

About This Breed

The Peruvian Hairless Dog (Perro Sin Pelo del Perú) goes back into the history of Peru for at least 3,000 years. Typical hound temperament; he is shy with strangers and reserved until he feels secure.

There is a variation in the breed that shows a coat. The hair is thin, silky and shiny. There is no undercoat. There are several types of coats in the coated Peruvian:
1. Short smooth hair.
2. A quite long hair.
3. Curly hair, which is relatively long.

The dogs are very smart, independent, demanding, quick learners, and are loyal and good with children. They are friendly with other dogs but can be protective as well. They do not like to be alone, but when trained, can do well. It is a dog that can be indoors or outdoors. They are not a good dog for beginners.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Going by his general conformation, it is an elegant and slim dog, whose aspect expresses speed, strength and harmony without ever appearing coarse.

Temperament: Noble and affectionate at home with those close to him, at the same time lively and alert; he is wary and good guardian.

Characteristics: This breed has, as a fundamental characteristic, the absence of hair all over the body. Another particular feature is that the dentition is nearly always incomplete.

Colour: The colour of the hair can vary from black in black dogs, slate black, elephant black, bluish black, the whole scale of greys, dark brown going to light blond. All these colours can be uniform or show pinkish patches at all points of the body.

Coat: To deserve the name of hairless dog, the coat (hair) must be non-existent. Vestiges of hair on the head and at the extremities of the legs and the tail are admitted and, sometimes, a few rare hairs appear on the back.

Grooming: Weekly washing with gently body wash and moisturizing. Sun block on the dogs that have lighter patches.

Exercise: As a hound type the dog needs exercise. Runs on the beach or chasing balls and daily walks.

Health: Very healthy dogs with few genetic problems. One problem is Hanging Tongue, where the tongue hangs out of the mouth and becomes dry and cracked. The number of teeth has little to do with that problem.