Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Group 4: Hounds
Height: 34 – 38 cm

Energy Level:  Moderate to high
Original Function: Hunting
Lifespan: 11 – 14 yrs

Recommended for: Active people/families.

Note: Not many in Australia.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

About This Breed

Pronounced Peh-TEET BAS-et Griff-ON Ben-Dee-en has its ancient origins in the Vendee region of France. In 1947 its characteristics were fixed by Abel Desamy, a French breeder. The Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen is a small (Petit), low (Basset), wire-haired (Griffon), French (from the Vendeen region) scent hound, used primarily for hunting rabbit.

They were developed from the white St. Hubert and the white & tan Italian hound. Also the “King’s White” Grand Griffon which is a larger, heavier, and longer Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen. The two breeds were often bred together in the past, so even though crossing them has been prohibited since 1975, puppies representing both types may still arise from a single litter.

They are sometimes called the “Little Griffon Vendeen Basset”. Independent, bold and lively, they are friendly and always very busy exploring. They are a dog that needs your attention and will demand it. They must have a well-secured yard, as they are a digger, jumper and escape artist.

They are generally good with other dogs, but do not trust with non-canine pets. They are intelligent and can be trained for many purposes. They have a great desire to please you. The problem for the owner is that the dog is so smart that they often have their own mind. They are good with children and are fairly friendly with strangers.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Well balanced, short legged compact body. Eyes large & dark, surmounted by long eyebrows standing forward but not to obscure eyes; lips covered with long hair forming beard & moustache. Ears hang to the side of the head. Tail of medium length.

Temperament: Passionate hunter, courageous. Docile but wilful and passionate.

Characteristics: Devil in the country, angel in the house, that is our Basset. It is a passionate hunter that must, from an early age, get used to obeying. Perfect assistant to the hunter with a gun on territories of medium size, specialist for rabbit, but no other game escapes from it.

Colour: White with any combination of lemon, orange, tricolour or grizzle markings.

Coat: Rough, long without exaggeration & harsh to the touch, with thick undercoat, never silky or woolly.

Grooming: A weekly brushing will remove loose and dead hair and help to control shedding. Bath them when needed. Properly groomed, they shed little to no hair. Nails need to be clipped regularly. Ear canals should be kept free of excess hair and wax. Teeth should have regular care to keep them clean and free of tarter. Trim long hair on the bottom of the feet and check between the pads for foreign material and mats.

Exercise: They need moderate but regular exercise to stay in shape.