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Breeder – Qtpyze

We are small breeders, raising all our babies, babies in our home .. We have been lucky enough to breed for 25 years plus, having always bred purebred breeds, either Maltese or Poodles and always a Member of the ANKC .. At times we have been involved in showing, agility and working with scenting dogs.
Being a reputable breeder we realise that a number of dogs are required to breed well, making sure that we are careful not to inbreed.. Therefore we work with guardian owners who are happy to own our dogs yet still let us have breeding access.. It works well for all involved and our babies get the best of both worlds. If u would like one of our pups either as an owner or a guardian owner by All Means give us a call. 0433230682  Syd..

Litter Details: Dob 3/5/22 pick up 5/7/22
Five lovely Little girls .. $4900.00
Three of which are beautiful reds and still available to pet homes on limited pedigrees unless your ANKC members.
Dob 16/3/22. Pick up now
2 cheeky lil red girls $3,500.00
just busting to find a permanent lap of their own.
Dob 10/5/22. Pick up 10/7/22
Chilli and Sunnys litter of 5 .
A sweet lil red girl and four very handsome little red boys .. $3900

Microchip Number/s: 9000300633457

Price: As Above

Member- ANKC 4100267725
Redland Bay
Ph: 0433230682

Date Start: 28.05.2022