Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Group 6: Utility
Height: minimum
Male: 70 cm
Female: 65 cm

Energy Level:  Moderate to high
Original Function: Sheep guardian
Lifespan: 10 – 12 yrs

Recommended for: People & families knowledgeable of the breed.

Note: Not many in Australia.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

About This Breed

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog has descended from the Asian Mastiff family. French writers in the 1400s recorded that these dogs were very valuable for their guarding abilities, their temperament was less gentle than it is now.

They make wonderful protective family companions, they are gentle and fit into both city and country life. They must be well trained while young and small, and you will benefit from this when they mature.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Extra large body. Eyes dark. Ears hang to the side of the head. Tail is long. A powerful and imposing dog with a certain elegance. Great size, strongly built but not cumbersome. Well balanced and of noble bearing.

Temperament: Quietly confident. Nervousness and/or aggression is highly undesirable.

Characteristics: A natural guard dog protecting shepherd and sheep. They are late to mature. Over 2 years old.

Colour: White or white with patches of tan, wolf- grey or pale yellow.

Coat: Undercoat profuse, outer coat thick, straight or lightly wavy.

Grooming: Regular brushing is needed to keep the coat looking good, extra care is needed during their moulting. Bath when necessary.

Exercise: plenty of exercise is needed to keep them fit and happy.

Health: This breed is generally healthy but some can be prone to hereditary eye disease and deafness.