Shetland Sheepdog

Group 5: Working Dogs
Height: 33 – 41 cm

Energy Level:  High
Original Function: Herding
Lifespan: 12 – 14 yrs

Recommended for: Most people/families.

Shetland Sheepdog

About This Breed

The Shetland Sheepdog has been developed over the centuries on the Shetland Islands, where they were used for herding sheep.

They are extremely intelligent and easy to train; they do very well in obedience. They make wonderful family pets, as they love to be around you and are very affectionate. They are very alert so make great watchdogs; they tend to be shy with strangers.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Medium sized body. Wedge shaped head with almond shaped eyes & small semi erect ears. Tail is long and coated. Small, long haired, working dog of great beauty, free from cloudiness and coarseness, action lithe and graceful. Outline symmetrical so that no part appears out of proportion to whole. Abundant coat, mane and frill, shapeliness of head and sweetness of expression combine to present the ideal.

Temperament: Affectionate and responsive to his owner, reserved towards strangers, never nervous.

Characteristics: Alert, gentle, intelligent, strong and active.

Colour: Tri-colours, sable or blue merles.

Coat: Outercoat long straight & harsh, shorter undercoat.

Grooming: The coat needs regular brushing to keep it knot free and looking good. Bath when necessary or dry shampoo.

Exercise: love to run around and play games, daily walks and plays will keep them fit and happy.

Health: This breed can suffer from some eye problems.