Shih Tzu

Group 7: Non Sporting
Height: 28 cm

Energy Level:  Moderate
Original Function: Companion
Lifespan: 10 – 14 yrs

Recommended for: Most people/families, allergy sufferers.

Shih Tzu

About This Breed

This breed originated in Tibet. The name “Shih Tzu” means lion dog in Chinese. They were a favoured dog of the Emperor and often portrayed in Chinese paintings. They were first imported to England in the 1930’s. After World War II they entered the United States with military officers going home. 

A sturdy, lively, toy dog, they can display an arrogant personality but are actually playful and gentle. They adapt well to any family situation and enjoy human companionship and interaction.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Small sized body. Heavily coated head with dark round eyes and ears hang to the side. Fringe hair is usually tied up in a top knot. Tail is coated and curls up over onto the back. Sturdy, abundantly but not excessively coated dog with distinctly arrogant carriage and ‘chrysanthemum-like’ face.

Temperament: Independent, playful, friendly.

Characteristics: Intelligent, active and alert.

Colour: All colours.

Coat: Long thick & straight.

Grooming: Daily grooming is essential or can be clipped every 6 weeks to a shorter manageable length. Bathing once a month. Clipping of matting on feet.

Exercise: minimal exercise is needed, but they do love to play outdoors.

Health: This breed can suffer from kidney disorder, otherwise no major health problems.