Group 4: Hounds
Male: 47 – 51 cm
Female: 44 – 47 cm

Energy Level:  Outside – high, inside – quiet
Original Function: Racing, coursing
Lifespan: 12 – 15 yrs

Recommended for: Most people/families.


About This Breed

The Whippet descends from the Greyhound and was used in the Northern England to hunt rabbits and hares.

They are a gentle and sensitive dog, and make docile and obedient pets. They are easily trained but owners must take great care not to break their spirit by being harsh or overbearing.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Medium sized, lean muscular athletic dog with an aerodynamically designed body. Eyes should never be lighter than coat colour, ears are either rose shaped or semi erect when alert. Long whip like tail.

Temperament: Sensitive, Gentle, Adaptable.

Characteristics: An ideal companion. Highly adaptable in domestic and sporting surroundings.

Colour: Any colour or mixture of colours.

Coat: Fine, short, close in texture.

Grooming: Easy coat to care for, a wipe over with a damp cloth will make the coat gleam. Keep nails clipped.

Exercise: Regular times to run off lead as well as long daily walks. No road sense.

Health: This breed is very sensitive to the cold and may get sunburned in the warmer weather. Their fine bones can be easily broken.