Size & Temperament

Experienced Owner

As an experienced dog owner you will be well aware that every breed has its own common characteristics and general temperament.

Some breeds are highly energetic, require a committed exercise regime and larger space requirements. Others can be more demanding  to train and socialize.

Average Breed Sizes

Small, toy and miniature breeds can weigh between 1kg and 10kg and include Toy Poodles, King Charles Spaniels, Dachshunds and Miniature Schnauzers.

Medium-sized dogs usually weigh from 11kg to 26kg. Common examples are Bull Terriers, Australian Cattle Dogs, Border Collies and British Bulldogs.

Large breeds like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers and German Shepherds on average weigh between 26kg and 44kg.

However some large (giant) breeds can weigh 45kg or more, like Great Danes, Bullmastiffs, Newfoundlands and Dogues de Bordeaux.

Your level of experience?

Experienced But Willing To Learn More

It is important that you are realistic in gauging your level of experience for the sake of your own lifestyle and the fit of the breed you select.

Do you have the facilities and area necessary for the dog’s well-being and security?

Do you have the time to handle and train a large active breed of dog?

Are you willing to take any necessary steps to fill knowledge or ability gaps you may have? This could include research, personal development and training.

Confident Training All Breeds

Some breeds are fiercely protective of their owner/family and territory.

Are you aware of your responsibilities when you own certain breeds of dogs?

Are you confident in your training and handling abilities?

Are you willing to purchase any specialized equipment you may need?

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