Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Group 6: Utility
Male: 74 – 81 cm
Female: 71 – 79 cm
Male: 50 – 65 kg
Female: 40 – 55 kg

Energy Level:  Moderate
Original Function: Herding
Lifespan: 9 – 15 yrs

Recommended for: Working.

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

About This Breed

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog are members of the Mastiff family, they were once known as the Anatolian Karabash, but unlike other herding breeds they were used more for guarding, their nomadic masters made them live outdoors in the extremes of temperatures and their duties were to defend against predators.

In both Turkey and Australia, it has been found these dogs work in very well with goats and sheep. Farmers hold them in high regards. Although tough and hardy, they get on well with other dogs, not always good domestic pets, as their independent natures and devotion to their duties as a herder is such that they have been known to attack their owners if the dog thought one of the herd was to be hurt.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Large, upstanding, tall, powerfully built, livestock guarding dog with broad strong head and dense double coat. Must have size and stamina. Capable of great speed.

Temperament: Steady & bold without aggression, naturally independent, very intelligent & tractable. Proud & confident. Loyal & affectionate to owners, but wary of strangers when mature.

Characteristics: An active breed originally used as a guard dog for sheep; hard working; capable of enduring extremes of heat and cold.

Colour: Any colour, but gernerally Fawn or Cream with a Black mask.

Coat: Hair: Short or mid-length, dense, with thick undercoat. Great variations in length according to climate. Longer and thicker at neck, shoulders and thighs. The coat tends to be longer in winter.

Grooming: A brush now and then to remove the dead hair from the coat is all that is needed. Bath when necessary.

Exercise: They need moderate but regular exercise to stay in shape.

Health: Can have issues with orthopedic problems such as osteochondritis dissecans, hip and elbow dysplasia; epilepsy; cardiomyopathy; and autoimmune thyroiditis; gastric torsion (bloat); cancer such as osteosarcoma.