British Bulldog

Group 7: Non Sporting
Weight: approx –
Male: 25 kg
Female: 22 kg

Energy Level:  Low – moderate
Original Function: Bull-baiting
Lifespan: up to 10 yrs, although some will live longer.

Recommended for: Dedicated handlers, families.

British Bulldog

About This Breed

The British Bulldog is believed to evolve from the mastiff family, and in centuries ago they were longer legged and used for bull baiting. They were expected to attack and hang onto the ears or the nose of the bull, at times the bull would through them off which often led to injury or death. After the 1830s bull baiting was banned and then breeders concentrated on breeding the gentle and reliable Bulldog that we know today.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Smooth-coated, thickset dog, rather low in stature, but broad, powerful and compact. The head strikingly massive and large in proportion to the dog’s size. The face extremely short. The muzzle very broad, blunt and inclined upwards. The body short and well knit; the limbs stout and muscular. The hindquarters high and strong but rather lightly made in comparison with its heavily made foreparts. The dog should convey an impression of determination, strength and activity, similar to that suggested by the appearance of a thick-set Ayrshire bull.

Temperament: Should convey an impression of determination.

Characteristics: They can be peaceful, pensive, goofy and have a well developed sense of humour.

Colour: The colour should be whole or smut (that is, a whole colour with a black mask or muzzle). The only colours (which should be brilliant and pure of their sort) are whole colours, brindles, reds, with their varieties, fawns, fallows etc., white and also pied (i.e. a combination of white with any other of the foregoing colours). Dudley, black and black with tan are extremely undesirable colours.


Coat: Should be fine in texture, short, close and smooth (hard only from the shortness and closeness, not wiry).

Grooming: Their short coat is very easy to look after, with a brush and a bath only when needed. Wipe their faces with a damp cloth, everyday to clean inside the wrinkles.

Exercise: Bulldogs should never be exercised in the heat of the day. Two relatively short walks at a steady but not terribly brisk pace should be adequate.

Health: This breed can suffer from breathing problems because of their short muzzle. Whelping can also be a problem, due to the pups having big heads. Caesareans are usually needed.