Group 4: Hounds
Smooth Haired:
Male: up to 11.3 kg
Female: up to 10.4 kg
Wire Haired:
Male: 9-10 kg
Female: 8- 9 kg
Long Haired:
Male: up to 8.2 kg
Female: up to 7.7 kg
Mini Long, Smooth & Wire Haired:
4.5 – 5 kg

Energy Level:  Moderate
Original Function: Hunting
Lifespan: 9 – 15 years If kept at a reasonable weight the dachshund can stay healthy and active to a good age.

Recommended for: Active people & families.

About This Breed

Dachshund pronounced dak-sund, originated in Germany, the word Dachs, in German means badger. They were bred to hunt and follow these animals under ground. The miniatures were bred to go after hare and rabbits. The Wire-haired came about from the crosses of the Dandie Dinmont lines and the Longhaired from crosses with the German Stoberhunds.

They are alert and very lively; they are also very affectionate and make good companions. Early socialisation is required in order to acclimate dachshunds to children, strangers and other animals. They are a breed that becomes quite attached to their family and usually one family member in particular, however, they will be less friendly with strangers.

Although eager to please they sometimes can be stubborn. Care should be taken so they don’t have to jump around, as can cause damage to the spine. Dachshunds can live happily in a flat or house. In a home with stairs, Dachshunds should be discouraged from frequent travels up and down stairs as this will harm their elongated spines. If living in a place with a garden it must be very well fenced due to their hunting instincts. Bear in mind that Dachshunds were bred to ‘go to ground’ and can dig under many types of fencing.

General Characteristics


Long, Smooth & Wire Haired: Long and low, but with compact and well-muscled body, with short legs. Wedged shaped head with almond shaped eyes. Ears hang to the side of the head. Tail is long.

Mini Long, Smooth & Wire Haired: Small sized long body with short legs. Wedged shaped head with almond shaped eyes. Ears hang to the side of the head. Tail is long.

Temperament: Brave, curious and lively.

Characteristics: The breed is full of character. quick in attack and defend, faithful when properly brought up and very obedient.

Long haired:
 Black and tan, dark brown with lighter shadings, dark red, light red, dappled, tiger-marked or brindle. In black and tan, red and dappled dogs the nose and nails should be black, in chocolate they are often brown.

Mini Long Haired & Smooth Haired: Any colour. No white is permissible except for a small spot on the breast and even this is undesirable. The nose should be black except in Dapples and Chocolates in which it may be flesh coloured or brown. In all cases the coat colour should be bright and clearly defined. In black and tans the tan should be rich and sharp. Dapples should be free from large unbroken patches, the dappling being evenly distributed over the whole body.

Mini Wire Haired: Any solid colour, two colours & brindle

Smooth Haired: Any colour other than white (except a white spot on breast), Nose and nails should be black. In red dogs a red nose is permissible but not desirable. In Chocolates and Dapples the nose may be brown or flesh coloured. In Dapples large spots of colour are undesirable, and the dog should be evenly dappled all over.

Wire Haired: All colours are allowed but a white patch on the chest, although not a fault, is not desirable. Except in the case of Chocolates, when it may be brown or flesh coloured, the nose should be black.

Mini Long haired & Long Haired:
 Soft and straight or slightly waved, of shining colour. Longer under the neck, the underparts of the body and, particularly, on the ears, behind the legs, where it should develop into abundant feathering, and reach the greatest length on the tail, where it should form a flag. The feathering should extend to the outsides of the ears, where short hair is not desired.

Mini Smooth Haired & Smooth Haired: short dense and smooth, adequately covering all the parts of the body; coarsest on the under-side of the tail.

Mini Wire Haired & Wire Haired: With the exception of the jaw, eyebrows and ears, the whole body is covered with a completely even, short, harsh coat and undercoat. There should be a beard on the chin. The eyebrows are bushy. The hair on the ears is almost smooth.

Long Haired
Long coated dachshunds should be completely brushed and combed at least once a week. The extra hair between their pads should be trimmed as needed. Special attention should be paid to keeping the ears clean as drop eared dogs are more likely to develop ear infection. Although a dainty eater, a long coated dachshund can sometimes get food on their long ears, so these may need additional cleansing.

Smooth Haired: Smooth coated dachshunds should be groomed with a rubber glove once a week to remove dead hairs. This breed does shed.

Wire Haired: Wire haired dachshunds need their coats plucked two to three times a year. The facial furnishing should be combed out at least once a week and will need the occasional trimming. It is best to let an experienced groomer pluck the coat unless the breeder can teach a new owner how to do it. Make sure the coat is plucked/stripped and not clipped. Clipping will ruin the texture of the coat.

Exercise: They are quite active for little dogs, so regular walks and plays are needed

Health: This breed is generally sound but some can be subject to genetic eye problems and skin problems. Watch out for back problems.

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