Field Spaniel

Group 3: Gun dogs
Height: approx. 45.7 cm
Weight: 18-25 kg

Energy Level:  Moderate to high
Original Function: Flushing, retrieving
Lifespan: 10 – 12 yrs

Recommended for: Active people & families.

Field Spaniel

About This Breed

The Field Spaniel origins are from England, besides Cocker you will find Sussex, Irish Water and English Water Spaniel in his bloodline. In 1948 the Field Spaniel Society did considerable work to produce a better-proportioned standard type breed.

They are a combination of beauty and utility, built for activity and endurance in heavy cover and water. They are a docile, affectionate, intelligent dog that is eager to please you. They are suited for family life and love human company.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Medium sized body. Long ears that hang to the side of the dome shaped head. Almond shaped eyes. Well balanced, noble, upstanding sporting Spaniel built for activity and endurance.

Temperament: Unusually docile, active, sensitive, independent.

Characteristics: Ideal for rough shooting or companion for the country dweller.

Colour: Black, liver or roan. Any one of these with tan markings. In self-coloured dogs white or roan on chest permissible. Clear black/white or liver/white unacceptable.

Coat: Long, flat, glossy and silky in texture. Never curly, short or wiry. Dense and weatherproof. Abundant feathering on chest, under body and behind legs, but clean from hock to ground.

Grooming: The coat of the Field Spaniel is long, dense and waterproof. Due to the length of the coat, and the amount of feathering they have, they do need a reasonable amount of grooming. The dead hairs can be removed by hand plucking and the hair on the ears, legs and neck should be thinned out, it may be necessary for a professional groomer or the breeder to show you how to do this.

Exercise: they will adapt to the family situation but they are primarily a working dog and should be given plenty of exercise. They do have deep-rooted hunting instincts and therefore a well-fenced garden is a necessity.

Health: This breed, some can suffer from hip dysplasia, eye and thyroid problems.