Some breeds are great for first-time or inexperienced owners. However others need a more experienced owner to understand their unique characteristics.

Some need more time devoted to training, excercise or grooming or may require special training and handling.

In this second question we’ll find out about your dog ownership background. Are you a seasoned dog owner or maybe this is all new to you?

Do you have any experience owning a dog?

No Experience — You are first-time dog owner. You’ve never owned a dog or looked after one, but you are willing to learn.

Some Experience — You’ve cared for a dog before but have not been totally responsible for their exercise and training (maybe as a child or minded a friend’s dog). You are willing to learn more about dog ownership.

Experienced — You have successfully owned and cared for a dog before. You know the responsibilities and are willing to update any gaps in your knowledge.

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