Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Group 2: Terrier
Height: At withers 20.5-28cms, from withers to root of tail 2X the height or2.5-5cm less.
Weight: 8-11 kg for dogs in good working condition. Lower weights preferred.

Energy Level:  Moderate
Original Function: Ground Terrier
Lifespan: 10 – 14 yrs

Recommended for: Families, most people, allergy sufferers.

Note: Not many in Australia

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

About This Breed

Not much is known of the Dandie Dinmont Terrier’s origin, but in 1814 when the publication of Sir Walter Scott’s novel Guy Mannering came out, this breed became better known. In the book a character named Dandie Dinnont owned 6 of these little dogs, it was from this that the breed takes its name.

They are a little less active than many terriers; they make good house pets and companions. They are friendly, adaptable but with an independent streak. Individual dogs may bond strongly with their owner and not welcome other pets.

They do not like being left alone so are best suited to an owner who is home for most of the day. Their small size and need for company make them well suited to older people or apartment dwellers.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Small sized long body with strong short legs. Distinctive domed shaped head with beautiful silky covering, with large, wise intelligent eyes ears that hang to the side. Medium length tail.

Temperament: Independent, highly intelligent, determined, persistent, sensitive, affectionate and dignified.

Characteristics: Game, workmanlike Terrier.

Colour: Pepper- dark black to light silver grey. Mustard- reddish brown to pale fawn.

Coat: Very important feature of the breed. Hair should be about 5cms (2 ins) long. Double coat with a soft linty undercoat and a harder topcoat, not wiry but giving crisp feel to the hand.

Grooming: A regular weekly brushing is required or the coat can matt because it doesn’t shed like most dogs. Exhibition dogs have their coats ‘stripped’, which means literally removing old long hair to expose the new, coloured coat, Pet owners may prefer to clip the coat rather than strip it. Breeders also suggest trimming the hair around the dog’s anus to minimise problems with faeces catching in the fur.

Exercise: They can take as much or as little regulated exercise as offered but a backyard romp each day is a recommended minimum.

Health: May be susceptible to back strain, avoid stairs. Glaucoma is an eye disease causing blindness which may be corrected surgically. Cushing’s syndrome is a wasting disease characterised by extreme thirst and urination, due to excess cortisol produced by the adrenal gland. It can be controlled by drugs.