Group 4: Hounds
Height: 48 – 53 cm

Energy Level:  High
Original Function: Hunting
Lifespan: 10  – 12yrs

Recommended for: Active people & families.

Note: Not many in Australia


About This Breed

The Harrier stands mid-way between the Beagle and the Foxhound in height. It is assumed that they are descended from the Greek hounds brought to Britain. They were bred to hunt hare, they are a pack animal and usually prefer the company of the pack to humans.

They are friendly, outgoing and fun loving, a true hound, they are energetic, independent, self-willed and persistent. Because they are naturally independent, sometimes have a stubborn nature, obedience training is highly recommended. This active dog likes to go exploring, sniffing and trailing, so be sure to keep it on a leash or in a safe enclosed area.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Medium sized. Broad head with powerful square muzzle & broad pendent ears. Dark round shaped eyes. Tail is long.

Temperament: Cheerful, sweet-tempered, and tolerant, it is excellent with children. This pack dog is good with other dogs, but should be supervised with non-canine pets – unless it is raised with them from puppyhood. It prefers life in a pack with people, dogs, or both.

Characteristics: A natural ability to hunt. Normally hunted on horse, but slower in pace than the Foxhound enabling him to be followed on foot.

Colour: Tri-colour – Black/White/Tan or Pied – Fawn/White

Coat: Short, dense & glossy.

Grooming: Easy coat to care for, only requiring a brush and a wash when necessary.

Exercise: Plenty of exercise is needed to keep them fit and happy.