Shar Pei

Group 7: Non Sporting
Height: 46 – 51 cm

Energy Level:  Moderate
Original Function: Fighting, herding, hunting, guarding
Lifespan: 8 – 10 yrs

Recommended for: Dedicated handlers, people knowledgeable of the breed.

Shar Pei

About This Breed

The Shar Pei originated in China. The Chinese used them for protection against robbers and wild animals. Later they became known as the Chinese Fighting Dog and at times a source of food. They almost became extinct but survived thanks to breeders in Hong Kong and other kennel clubs.

They are well mannered and have an easy-going natures that makes them a lovable companion. They may be aggressive towards other dogs and wary of strangers, but with good socialization this will not be a problem. They need firm but gentle training and catch on and learn things quickly.

General Characteristics

Appearance: Loose skin, frowning expression, harsh bristly coat. Well toned proportioned body. Small flat triangular ears set on broad profusely wrinkled forehead. Tongue, roof of mouth, gums and flews bluish black. Broad well padded muzzle (Meat Mouth). Tightly curled tail carried high on back.

Temperament: Calm, independent, very affectionate, and devoted to people.

Characteristics: Loose skin, frowning expression, harsh bristly coat

Colour: All solid colours except white are acceptable. Frequently shaded on tail and back of thighs with lighter colour.

Coat: Extremely harsh coat, straight and off-standing on the body but flatter on the limbs. No undercoat. Length varies from short and bristly, under 1.25 cm (half an inch) or longer and thicker, between 1.25 cm (half an inch) and 2.5 cm (one inch), but still off-standing and harsh to the touch.
N.B. No particular coat length within the accepted length should be preferred above the other. Never trimmed.

Grooming: Regular brushing to remove loose hair, more so during shedding. Regular bathing and checking of the folds of skin is necessary, you must keep them clean and dry. Maintain regular checks on ear canals.

Exercise: regular walks and off lead runs is needed to keep them fit, happy and from becoming bored.

Health: This breed may suffer from eye problems, occasionally the lid will roll in and irritate the eye in which case a small operation may be necessary. They are also prone to skin problems but most skin problems can be minimal if attention is paid to preservatives in foods.