Hungarian Puli

Group 5: Working
Height: 37 – 44 cm
Weight: 10 – 15 kg

Energy Level:  Moderate
Original Function: Herding
Lifespan: 12 -15 yrs

Recommended for: Dedicated, active people/families.

Note: Requires daily exercise & mental stimulus to be contented & non destructive.

Hungarian Puli

About This Breed

The Puli is the best known of the unique herding dogs of Hungary. He has been a part of the Hungarian shepherds for more than a thousand years. They were bred to be their sole companion and workmate during the long days and months of isolation on the grazing lands of the vast Hungarian Plain. The breed unusually thick corded coat helps it withstand the extremes of weather.

General Characteristics

Appearance: The Puli is lively nimble and intelligent. His trunk and limbs form a square figure when viewed from the side. Black nose and bright pink tongue, slightly domed head with dark eyes. Hanging ears covered with long cords.

Temperament: The Puli has a unique herding style. It can stop suddenly and leap straight up over the backs of the animals it is herding which makes it a most effective drover. (And a great agility dog.)

Temperament: Intelligent, fun loving, loyal and energetic. A highly trainable breed and a good watch dog.

Colour: Always a solid colour. Black or Rusty Black. Occasionally Grey, Apricot or White

Coat: The most striking and distinctive feature of this medium size active dog is its shaggy, non-shedding, corded coat. The coat can reach the ground by around four years of age and with its tail curved over the back it is hard to know if they are “coming or going”.

Grooming: The Puli’s coat will naturally develop cords and although the dog does not require brushing they still need to be groomed. The puppies coat begins to cord around nine months with the most intensive grooming period from nine to twenty-four months. The coat must be worked regularly, using your fingers to separate developing cords. In a heavily corded dog it may take up to an hour to wash and up to six hours to dry with a blow dryer. For easy maintenance a non show dog’s coat could be trimmed to shorter.

Exercise: Daily exercise needed.

Health: Robust breed with few genetic diseases. All breeding stock should be hip x-rayed and eye tested.